What makes us unique?

We are passionate and committed to improving understanding of Dementia.

The learning outcomes for the modules of our training programme, are based upon the “Skills For Health Dementia Training Framework [2018]" and augmented by our longstanding experience of dealing with a wide range of individuals with all levels of Dementia.

They are designed to have a large elelment of practical application.

We have tailored our training to a variety of target audiences and feel we have the most comprehensive range of modules currently out there. Whether you deal with those with Dementia on a daily basis, or only have intermittent interaction with them, we have a training course for you.


We own a Day Centre for those with Dementia and one of our unique selling points, is that our course is interactive (if delivered on our site) therefore you will get a chance to speak to those affected and put the theory in to practice.  

For more information on our Day Centre, please visit: www.starsdaycare.co.uk


We curently provide training to WEST MERCIA and WARWICKSHIRE POLICE SERVICES.

“We send our specialist witness interviewers for a day’s training in respect of dementia awareness to stars day centre. The staff are extremely accommodating and make students feel very welcome. The interaction between our students and the clients is invaluable; it assists in giving students the ability to practically apply what they have learnt in the awareness sessions, delivered by professional and knowledgeable staff. Feedback has consistently remarked that it is a fantastic day and an essential part of their training to become specialist interviewers.”


Specialist witness Interview trainer

West Mercia Police

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