Module 1: Types of Dementia:  

An in-depth exploration of the different types of Dementia.

Module 2: Dignity and Respect in Dementia:
Explores ways of maintaining and preserving the dignity of those affected by Dementia.

Module 3: Meaningful Activity:

What constitutes 'meaningful activity' for those with Dementia.

Module 4: Personalised Care:

Ways in which you can empower those with Dementia to have more choice and control over their care.


Module 5: Communication:
Yes you can effectively communicate with those who have Dementia, but how?
Module 6: Dementia Friendly Environment:
Things to consider when evaluating an environment for those with Dementia.
Module 7: Mental Capacity Act 2005 and DoLS:
Legal requirements for assessing Capacity and the legalities of depriving someone of their liberties.

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